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“The Way of the Doh Doh” EP on iTunes

Mister Wise - "The Way of the Doh Doh" EP is now available on iTunes. Click on Image.

Mister Wise – “The Way of the Doh Doh” EP is now available on iTunes. Click on Image.


New Video: Kingpen Slim “The Haunting”

Check out the latest video from Kingpen Slim, “The Haunting” shot and directed by Chop and Shoot Productions. The song was produced by J-Buttah and recorded and mixed at Depth Charge Studios by yours truly. Slim’s latest album, “Triple Beam Dreams” can be downloaded at


Check Out Harmony Muzik’s New Project – “Conflict of Interest”

Check out the new release from Harmony Muzik – “Conflict of Interest.” It was recorded and mixed at Depth Charge Studios by yours truly and features two tracks I produced for Team Demo Productions. Click on the link below for the download page.

Harmony Muzik – “Conflict of Interest”

Click Here for Download


Team Demo’s “Demolition Derby – The Wreckoning” on iTunes

Discover or re-discover my crew’s 2001 debut album, Team Demolition “Demolition Derby – The Wreckoning” on iTunes!

Team Demolition "Demolition Derby - The Wreckoning"


Lamentations of an Uninspired Musician

Zechariah Wise on the keys at Depth Charge Studios

“Creativity is the residue of wasted time.” – Albert Einstein

March and April were very busy at Depth Charge Studios so as things began to slow down in May I wasn’t too upset. Normally, it is months like these that allow me the time to create new things, try new ideas and re-stock my catalog with seeds for future records.  Unfortunately, the muse is not obliged to conform to my schedule.  I am simply out of creative juice at the moment.  If you create for a living I’m sure you know the feeling.  It’s that sense of fatigue that creeps in when you need to make something, but nothing is there. Some refer to it as “writer’s block,” and try to plow through it.  I just remember the Einstein quote at the top of this blog and try to find something to waste the time needed to clear my head.

The following paragraphs aren’t really for anybody to read but myself.  If you find them valuable, then terrific, but I’m merely trying to collect my thoughts in an attempt to better understand the current creative bottleneck in my brain.

I feel stuck in between lanes musically.  I’m most known for the work I do in hip hop, so the demand is high for my services in that genre, but almost no other contemporary hip hop inspires me to make my own. The hip hop I make sounds very little like the stuff I hear on a regular basis.  I believe this  is generally a good thing but it requires the people with whom I work to have vision and a willingness to try to make stuff that doesn’t fit neatly with what everyone else is doing.  Talented individuals with that kind of artistic courage are few and far between, and those who are looking for what’s hot “right now,” may find it difficult trying to make “the next.”

My sound is organic (not synth based) and is arranged with live and scripted instruments.  I don’t sample from other works (though other people on my team do) and I go into each piece with an idea of a band playing the music I’m making.  I often write down each imaginary musician down to the timpani player in the back of the orchestra.  I know of very few “hip hop” producers who work the way I do (my production rig would most likely crash their laptops) and I find myself sharing ideas more with film composers, jazz/ funk musicians and singer songwriters than with hip hop cats.  Often times it is the non-hip hop people who appreciate my “hip hop” tracks, while the hip hop heads pass over my stuff to rap over a two note, half step progression, Reason synth preset arp line with an 808 kit. To each his own. I get the most joy from my non-hip hop production projects because the artists truly can and want to implement my full range of skills and ideas.  I try to bring all of this to my hip hop, but the genre is quite frankly just not keeping up.  It has become so easy to make a hip hop track nowadays, that musicality is simply lost in the combined noise of a million kids banging on lap tops who wouldn’t know a single aspect of music theory if it bit them on the ears.

I have quite a few colleagues who stopped making hip hop all together.  I used to wonder why they did.  But as my talents expanded I realized why.  They didn’t leave hip hop.  They kept walking and hip hop stopped.  Hip hop decided to squat on the corner and even retreated back to play on the monkey bars with the kindergarteners while they progressed into adulthood.  They tried to bring hip hop with them but for whatever reason, it didn’t want to go for the ride. They realized, as I have, that a real creator doesn’t follow the music, the music follows him or it doesn’t.  Hopefully, I will soon find the inspiration I need to lead my music somewhere else and maybe, hip hop will join me,  but right now, I’m pooped.


Throwback: Team Demolition “Teamwork” Video (2000)

This past week marks the 12 year anniversary of the release of this record, which was our top-selling 12 inch single in the history of the Depth Charge catalog . To celebrate, I have posted the video. Enjoy!


The First 14 Years of My Career on a Shelf

Digital & analog Tracking tapes, DAT Masters, 3.5 inch Floppy discs & video footage representing 1989 - 2003

I try to keep everything I have ever worked on.  In the days before music could be easily stored as hard drive data, a busy music professional could build quite a collection of media.  This is my new Ikea bookshelf in the lounge at Depth Charge Studios.  I purchased it to store & present my collection of works from the first fourteen years of my career.  The bottom three rows contain double stacks of ADAT track tapes.  There are more than 100 completely filled sets each containing an average of 10 songs each.  That’s quite a few records.  It is also important to note that most of my clients had their own tapes, so this stack only contains all of my company’s productions and recordings along with recordings by studio clients who rented tape from us.

The middle row contains VHS and Digital 8 video tapes of our shows, music videos, making of music videos, various studio sessions etc.  This is one of the few libraries I consider incomplete.  I am missing a lot of video footage from over the years which I would love to have.  If any one has any old Team Demolition or Lower Life Forms concert footage from back in the day, please let me know.

The next row up contains floppy and zip discs storing mostly beats I made on the ASR-10 from 1993 – 2003. The top row contains more than 75 DAT master tapes (digital tapes used to store the final mixed and mastered stereo mixes of records) and more than 60 four-track analog tracking tapes which contain my crew’s early work from 1989 – 1994.  It is pretty amazing to stand back and look at this knowing it represents such an enormous portion of my life.  Thanks to hard drives, my work from 2004 to the present is stored on a couple of machines no bigger than a typical paperback novel.  While the convenience of that is fantastic, it doesn’t look quite this cool.

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