Mister Wise (also known professionally as Zechariah Wise) has already had a remarkably diverse career in the music business.  Beginning as a self produced recording artist in the mid 90s, Wise simultaneously built an independent record label and recording studio facility where his skills as a record producer and recording/ mixing engineer made him a fixture in the growing DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) urban music scene.  While Wise now spends most of his time in the recording studio earning a comfortable living producing and engineering for his wide ranging clientele, he periodically emerges from behind the scenes with a unique artistic offering of his own.

Fresh out of high school, Wise began his professional career as an artist and producer as the front man of the duo, the Lower Life Forms.  The group quickly gained attention from two major labels and was managed by affiliates of the legendary hip hop group, 3rd Bass.  In 1996, after issues between the Lower Life Forms’ label and parent distributor left them unsigned, Wise founded Depth Charge Recording, Inc. The company served as a recording studio facility and independent label for Wise and his crew, known collectively as Team Demolition. Soon, Wise’s professional production and engineering skills began attracting outside artists, and in no time, Wise was earning a living as a producer/ engineer with a wide ranging clientele, including recording and mixing the early demos of underground hip hop legend, MF Doom.

In 1997, Depth Charge began releasing 12 inch vinyl singles and contributing to the exploding independent underground hip hop movement.  The first single on the Depth Charge label was the Lower Life Forms’, “Open Invitation.” Later, Wise focused his efforts on his entire crew, releasing singles with Team Demolition in 1998, 1999 and 2000, and full length albums, “Demolition Derby – The Wreckoning,” in 2001, and “Yo! TD Raps,” in 2004.  Wise released his first solo album, “The Veteran Advantage,” in 2003, and followed it in 2010 with, “The Mister Wise Album,” and “The Way of the Doh Doh” EP in 2013. Meanwhile, Wise continued producing other artists with his crew (now known as Team Demo,) and engineering, mixing and mastering for countless others.  Wise’s credits include such artists as 50 Cent, Obie Trice, Wale, Kool G Rapp, Big Daddy Kane, Chris Brown, Tabi Bonney, Phil Ade, Sean Price, Illa Ghee, Kingpen Slim, Styles P, Nikki Jean, Midian, Sauce Money, Wais P, Gods Illa, Black Cobain, Lord Digga, Raekwon, Pastor Troy and Joie 13 and in-game audio production for Major League Baseball’s, Washington Nationals.

Wise is a proponent of science, reason and critical thought and is an avid student of history, philosophy, cosmology, physics and political science.  Wise also enjoys attending sporting events, single malt scotch, fine cuisine, traveling and partaking in DC’s nightlife and social scene. He currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife Veronica and Dachshund, Wellington.

Instagram: MisterWise

In addition to Ockham's, always keep these razors in mind when encountering #bullshit. Especially conspiracy theories. #criticalthinking #logic #tbt circa 1997. Working on #TeamDemo "Demolition Derby - The Wreckoning" album. A few noteworthy comments:
1. Box of Phillies on table. Par for the course back then. 
2. A 40 oz of what I believe is Icehouse b/c I was young and gave little fucks about what I was putting in my body. 
3. How about those milkcrates as monitor stands? 
4. You'll notice the computer is off. That's because back then, music was recorded on this stuff called "tape" (you youngsters can look that up.) Computers were only powerful enough for Midi sequencing and tape synchronization. 
5. The sm-58 microphone pointed at my face was not for recording. Those four bus mackie boards didn't have built in talkback mics so I rigged that to have communication with the booth. 
#oldschool #dmvhiphop #producer #engineer

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