The First 14 Years of My Career on a Shelf

Digital & analog Tracking tapes, DAT Masters, 3.5 inch Floppy discs & video footage representing 1989 - 2003

I try to keep everything I have ever worked on.  In the days before music could be easily stored as hard drive data, a busy music professional could build quite a collection of media.  This is my new Ikea bookshelf in the lounge at Depth Charge Studios.  I purchased it to store & present my collection of works from the first fourteen years of my career.  The bottom three rows contain double stacks of ADAT track tapes.  There are more than 100 completely filled sets each containing an average of 10 songs each.  That’s quite a few records.  It is also important to note that most of my clients had their own tapes, so this stack only contains all of my company’s productions and recordings along with recordings by studio clients who rented tape from us.

The middle row contains VHS and Digital 8 video tapes of our shows, music videos, making of music videos, various studio sessions etc.  This is one of the few libraries I consider incomplete.  I am missing a lot of video footage from over the years which I would love to have.  If any one has any old Team Demolition or Lower Life Forms concert footage from back in the day, please let me know.

The next row up contains floppy and zip discs storing mostly beats I made on the ASR-10 from 1993 – 2003. The top row contains more than 75 DAT master tapes (digital tapes used to store the final mixed and mastered stereo mixes of records) and more than 60 four-track analog tracking tapes which contain my crew’s early work from 1989 – 1994.  It is pretty amazing to stand back and look at this knowing it represents such an enormous portion of my life.  Thanks to hard drives, my work from 2004 to the present is stored on a couple of machines no bigger than a typical paperback novel.  While the convenience of that is fantastic, it doesn’t look quite this cool.


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