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Rappers should shut up & make their music

if you’re a professional in any field, it is inappropriate & bad business in nearly all circumstances to publicly criticize and weigh in on the work of your colleagues. The entire process of doing so creates an abundance of potential conflicts of interest. (Imagine you publicly criticized a co-worker at your job by calling out his performance and bad mouthing him on the internet. You would most likely be reprimanded or fired.)

I’m sure Lebron James was a basketball fan first, but he is a player now. He doesn’t spend his spare time publicly offering opinion and criticizing the work of other pros. He works on HIS game. If he is asked about a colleague, he is complimentary and will recuse himself from offering further opinion. One only needs to look at Terrell Owens to see an example of the opposite behavior and its resulting silliness.

Publicly weighing in on the work of others is for journalists and fans. Recording artists who engage in this behavior do so because they see themselves as amateurs on the outside looking in and cannot appreciate the importance of class and professional etiquette. Until one learns to behave and see oneself as a pro, he cannot expect others to see him as such. Everyone is entitled to their opinions of others, but pros know it’s best to keep them private, shut up and let their work do most of the talking.


my dad has been working on his b-boy stance

This is the man who took me to my very first rap concert when I was 13. Grillmaster P!

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That's me and organ player, Matt Van Hoose, providing the sonic backdrop to Max Scherzer's 20 strikeout performance last night; a fabulous cap to a highly entertaining series that reminded me once again of how much I love my job. #ibackthenats #onepursuit Photo credit to our A1 - Mike Caplan So... this is where I was last night. This is me with a morphine drip. That's Mooch laughing at how high I am. The most painful night of my life finally ended when I passed a kidney stone at around midnight. Special thanks to Mooch and Anne for holding things down and to my wonderful wife @ohveronica who got me to the paramedics, followed the ambulance to the hospital, and never left my side.

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