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The Digital Distributor All Should Avoid

The Orchard is the world’s largest digital distributor of independent music and has been doing just that for my company since they were founded.  Unfortunately, they appear to be a textbook case of a mismanaged conglomerate that got too big, too fast, and now can’t get out of its own way.  Many independent artists have desired to have a relationship with this company.  I suggest you go elsewhere.  You will find my reasons in our letter of termination which I have re-posted below. 

To Whom it May Concern,
After not receiving a single response to our repeated phone calls and e-mails, we have decided to pull our catalog from The Orchard and go a new direction for our digital distribution needs.  We came to this decision due to the following:
1.) The Q4 2007 digital release of Illa Ghee’s “Bullet and a Bracelet” album was delivered by us to your company four months prior to it’s release date and yet was not made available by your company on any web site until 1-3 weeks after the release date.  This is unacceptable.
2.) Several months ago, our catalog released prior to 2007 disappeared from iTunes.  Our web links and banners were rendered useless.  We sent e-mails, we left voice mail messages, and no one ever responded.  A few weeks later, our flagship group, Team Demolition, gained worldwide exposure for producing 50 Cent’s single, “Crimewave.”  During a time of intense attention towards the past work of Team Demolition, none of their music was available on Itunes.  This problem was never rectified and remains today.  Due to the gross negligence of your company, we missed out on potential sales of back catalog by Team Demolition and have watched our royalty checks decrease due to the majority of our catalog no longer existing with the world’s largest vendor of online music. 
Your company often touts it’s commitment to “independent” music but it is clear this is not the case.  At a time when our artist/producer run company was taking a major step in our growth, you were no where to be found.  In the past, being affiliated with your company carried a certain amount of prestige. But prestige is of little value when you are flat out ignored.  Several of your competitors have expressed great interest in our past and future catalog.  We would like to begin the process of withdrawing our catalog from your system and re-distributing it elsewhere.  Whatever documents are necessary to facilitate this can be sent via e-mail or to the fax number listed below.  Please contact me if you have any questions, although at this point, I doubt you will. 

Daniel Zacharias
aka Zechariah Wise (of Team Demo)
President/ CEO

Depth Charge Recording Group, Inc.


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