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Gay Marriage Ban & the Wrong Side of History

Just about the only lousy thing that happened on election night was the passage of several Gay marriage bans – most notably in California where civil rights were actually stripped away by the votes of other citizens.  I was going to write one of my typical wordy rants about the stupidity and bigotry of these individuals who voted for these bans, until I came across the video I have posted here which articualtes my positon better than any thing I could write at the moment.

I will say this.  Reason ALWAYS wins over faith.  ALWAYS.  It may take time, but reason is flexible and intuitive while faith is rigid and static.  Eventually, gay marriage will be legal.  Society won’t crumble, the American family will be strong, the four horsemen will not appear overhead, and the world will have a little more love and happiness.  If you’re convinced that somehow your god would approve of denying your fellow man their civil rights and chance for happiness- thereby contributing to their own misery; you have managed to use your faith to rationalize your own bigotry and homophobia.  Doing this is WRONG.  It is that simple


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