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Wellington – The Blue Note Sessions

Potential cover for Wellington's forthcoming jazz album.


Wellington’s First Snow

Here is a trendy look for winter! Wellington is wearing a Martha Stewart Parka and Disposable Booties from Simple Solution.

Yesterday’s storm was Wellington’s first ever experience with snow and ice so we wanted him to be fully prepared. Welly took to the snow and ice in full inquisitive Dachshund manner; stomping on the frozen crunchy grass, investigating ice patches on the sidewalk and of course, eventually rolling around in said ice patches. After the excitement, he happily returned to his customary spot in front of our space heater.


New Year’s Morning

Wellington face down after a long night of getting drunk & chasing bitches.

Instagram: MisterWise

Just finished a week plus of #tracking #vocals with the incomparable @fakenikkijean. Time for post pro and mixing. So fulfilling to once again work with one of my dearest friends. Her new EP comes out this Fall and is fantastic. #studio Had the honor of seeing Idris Muhammad at Blues Alley with Ahmad Jamal when I was 18. Met him afterwards and he was a class act. The funk was strong with that man. One of the best of his generation on the skins. It was an honor to share the planet with him. #farewell

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